Welcome to Yuck. We’re a brand new studio, based in London.

I’m Dean Richardson, a designer and a musician from just north of London. I began working when I was about 12, making bookmarks on Microsoft Publisher and then selling them in the playground. Through my teenage years I basically did whatever I could to avoid the dreaded paper round, I made thousands of MySpace layouts where I learnt HTML and CSS, started working on 3D animations for a popular online game, entered hundreds of design competitions creating logos and branding – and at one point was developing corporate websites and sending my older brother to the meetings pretending to be me!

The work I made in these years doesn’t feature anywhere on this website, but the approach does. I never decided to be an illustrator, a developer, a graphic designer even – I just took on work and used whatever was the best tool for the project. I didn’t realise then how important the idea of multi-disciplined would become to me, but i’m grateful that young me set the foundations for that.

Today, I no longer use Microsoft Publisher thankfully. But I haven’t stopped working, and have had the fortune of being busy and to grow as a creative ever since.

Along the way I got distracted by music, and I started a DIY punk band. But as the crossover between music and design is so natural, my band just gave me a new outlet of creativity. From t-shirts to posters, music videos to packaging, it was these years that directed me towards a part of the world where I could thrive in design. As I moved onto my next and current musical project, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, the two parts of my life have found a way to work together. My experience in the music industry as an artist, combined with all of the campaign and design work helps to make this studio unique.

Yuck is a place for my previous work, but mostly for the future – to deliver on bigger more ambitious projects, act as a place to experiment and to push our output as creatives and to continue stretching the definition of multi-disciplined.

If you’d like to talk to us about any upcoming projects, email us at hello@studioyuck.com or give us a call on 0207 866 2209.

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