International Death Cult

Are you a band or a brand? In 2017, I think there really is no difference. But for me, as a designer – that is something I love about being a musician.

I see merchandise in the same way I see artwork, packaging and any area in which you can be creative as a musician. Albeit a little less stressful as packshots tend to hang around longer than merch designs – but it’s still a fun place to experiment and try to offer something new for your fans.

Today, The Rattlesnakes launched a brand new collection and store – something that was long overdue, but I think fans will forgive us while we’ve put out 2 albums in as many years!

The new range was creatively directed and delivered by Yuck from start to finish. In the past few weeks, we’ve handled product design, product and promotional photography, video, social content and skins and the development of a brand new store.

Here’s a selection of the work we’ve produced so far for the campaign, or head to to see it all in action.